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 Learn How to Fill an Entire Pocket Sized Sketchbook With Colorful Paintings!

(Without The Pressure Of Creating Something Perfect Or Struggling Time & Time Again)

Watch this to see how smaller paintings make the process easy, fun & creative - no matter your current skill level! 👇 

Painting in pocket sized sketchbooks is easier, way more fun, and helps you explore your creativity SO much better than with standard sized paintings!

'Journey With COLOR'

A Pocket Sized Sketchbook Class!

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On Sale Price: $47 $27

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or even BORED with standard paintings?

If that speaks to you, You're in the right place!

I used to feel the same way! That is... until I started exploring COLOR in a small sketchbook. Pocket sized sketchbook paintings allowed me to explore new color ideas & have fun with each painting, without the fear of messing up or experiencing the pressure to create something perfect!

 I'm telling you... You're gonna love exploring your creative side with these pocket size paintings.

Maybe you can relate to these thoughts 
I used to have at first...
  • ... you aren't confident in your skills & feel like you lack that "artistic touch" that other artists seem to have.
  • ... you struggle to find inspiration on WHAT to paint and HOW to paint it in a way you are proud of.
  • ... you struggle to create colors that flow beautifully, and always end up with a muddy mess.
"Many people think that they need to have years of experiencespecialized training, and have natural artistic talent to create unique & beautiful paintings."
I want to show you how sketchbook painting can maximize your creative potential - regardless of your previous painting experience!

Hey there!

 My name is Yvette...  & I think I'm a lot like you!

I'm a full time international published and licensed artist who has been fortunate to create art for big box retailers such as Hobby Lobby, Kirkland, At Home, Pier One, JC Penny, and websites like art.com, allposters.com, wayfair.com and overstock.com. But... I wasn't always good at art. 

People ask me all the time how I got started in the industry and what it takes to become a published/licensing artist. Just like you, I wasn't sure where to start, how to find supplies, what techniques to use or how to even find inspiration for my artwork! 

This is why I started developing courses focused on helping inspiring artists how to create marketable art. Part of this includes developing a style, learning trend research skills like color and design, and painting collections that work cohesively together in the same space. These are all very important skills needed to work in the industry. 

Unlike other programs and courses...

Journey with Color through Pocket Size Paintings focuses on the practice of painting in smaller configurations to help you overcome the obstacle of “Creative Block”

I have put my 18 years of experience into one valuable class so that you can
  finally create art the way you have always dreamed of! 
  • Introduction to the catalyst - easy and quick way to get a solid background color
  • Introduction to precision tip squeeze bottles - easy and quick way to create dots, stripes and line work
  • Introduction to acrylic ink - fun and easy way to add mark making and textures
  • ​Collection building - learn how to create the look of two paintings in one and merge them seamlessly with overlapping shapes and colors
  • ​Explore a variety of color combinations using over 12 bold and bright colors
  • ​Learn design techniques such as monochromatic, tone on tone, and pattern mixing
  • ​Learn subjective abstract skills and how to use recognizable images as inspiration
  • ​Learn my “Fresh” technique mixed with bold in a collaborative painting - keeping one background white while the other is a bold solid color
  • ​Learn a variety of single brush stroke techniques for creating flowers, botralicals, and leaves
  • ​Learn layering techniques that take block painting to a more complex look with easy single stroke design work

Unlimited access to 12 Modules, over 6 hours of painting instruction, as well as access to my exclusive 'Painting with Yvette Artists Facebook Community' where you can share your work, ask questions and be a part of a warm and welcoming community of students!

So... What Is It About Pocket Sized Sketchbooks?

Small sketchbooks encourage creativity & FUN, and allow you to paint what you LOVE!

  • Smaller paintings means less time spent on each painting!
  • Flip to the next page, rather than tossing out an entire painting you don't like!
  • Inspiration comes naturally, as you don't feel pressured to create an entire masterpiece!
  • Explore new ideas, with the freedom to move to the next page or go back to a previous page easily!
  • Have an entire book of your beautiful designs that you can always look back on or show your friends!

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Check Out These Student Success Stories!

Students have explored some really unique ways to spark their own creativity & joy!

"What fun! Thank you, Yvette!"

"Had to stop myself from more doodling!"

Beautiful mixed media variation by Diane!

"I like how it turned out!"

"So surprised with what I can achieve! Yvette makes it so easy!"

"Shocked at how well this turned out!"

"Very Happy & Having Fun With This Course!"

"Loving these new techniques!"

"Love this art journal class!"

"Can't wait to do more!"

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"I feel more successful with this class than any other!"

"Enjoying this course & getting carried away with the doodles!"

"Love the colors in this lesson!"

"Having so much fun, and enjoy playing with the colors!"

"I have several of Yvette's classes, but these sketchbook paintings are SO fun!"

"Becoming slightly obsessed...!"

"Such a meditational process!"

"Branching off into my own world using Yvette's techniques!"

"Loving what I am learning. Love Yvette's style of teaching!"

"My very first lesson was inspiring and left me feeling super creative & charge to paint more!"

"I can't believe how these paintings turn out so beautifully! Thank you for your great tips & guidance!"

"Loved the paisley lesson!"

⬇️ Ready To Begin Your Own Painting Success Story? ⬇️ 

Join the thousands of other students & share your own amazing paintings in the exclusive student group!

24 bright, bold, & fun paintings!

These styles can help create art for the home, products, cards, and more!

Make your friends and family say “WOW! You painted this?”

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination!

  • Twelve Modules: Explore proportions, values, and color in easy to follow modules! ($297 Value)
  • Unlimited Applications: Don't just learn how to copy my drawing, learn how you can apply the techniques I teach to anything that you want to draw! (PRICELESS)
  • ​Supportive Community: Gain insight & ideas from other artists that are in this course, & interact with me to take your skills to new heights! (PRICELESS)
  • ​ Fill a 5.5” x 5.5” artist journal with 24 bright and beautiful paintings using acrylics.
A $297 value!

Special Price: $47 $27

Are you Ready?

I hope you're excited to begin building your skills!

Learn How To Paint Journey with Color through Pocket Size Paintings


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